Brunch Specials – Sunday, January 25th



  • Cinnamon Donut Holes w/ Vanilla Cream Cheese Sauce $4
  • Brown Shugga Crumble Cake w/ Cinnamon Whip Cream $4
  • Chick'n Chow Rice Chex, Peanut Butter, Nutella, Dark Chocolate and Powdered Sugar $3
    • Contains Peanuts and Hazelnuts


  • The Hot Drink! Rebel Yell Bourbon, Seedling Farm Apple Cider, and Mulling Spices $8
  • The Buttermaker! Hamms Tallboy and Shot of Rebel Yell $6
  • Blood Orange Hillpop Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice, Housemade Lemonade, and Bulliet Bourbon $9
  • Blood Orange Mimosa Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice with Gran Sarao Cava $9